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Getting to Know Jasleigh Geary

Getting to Know Jasleigh Geary

Why did you choose physio?

Was a massage therapist for a couple of years and wanted to be able to make more of a difference with my patients and also work more closely with athletes and sporting teams. I also just love the problem-solving nature of Physiotherapy

What do you enjoy doing on your downtime (hobbies)?

Like to keep fit, whether it be training for a triathlon or stand up paddle board race, or just getting out and going for a bush walk.

Where did you grow up? Have you lived in Toowoomba for long?

Moved to Toowoomba in January 2016. Grew up on the Gold Coast, in the hinterland when I was younger but more recently on the coastline.

Do you like to cook? If yes what is your favourite dish?

Not particularly, but love trying new things!

Favourite holiday destination?

I recently went to India and Nepal which was amazing... Don't really believe in favourites though, everything has something different to offer, just have to take it all in!!