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Samuel Peek: A New Addition to the Team

Samuel Peek: A New Addition to the Team
We would like to welcome Samuel Peek from Injury Treatment to Range Health.

Injury Treatment is one of the innovative leaders within the occupational rehabilitation industry.

They have an outstanding reputation and offer a broad range of services delivering exceptional and efficient outcomes.

Injury Treatment is staffed with experienced health professionals and business graduates enabling customised, outcome-focused, and cost effective illness and injury prevention and management solutions for their customers. Each consultant consistently demonstrates real clinical and life experience in their interventions.

They are extremely confident and mature and possess the right experience, ability and attitude as well as a genuine interest in delivering high quality clinical consulting services that add value for our customers.

Injury Treatment’s consultants are selected based on their life, clinical and illness and injury management consulting expertise. They are subsequently specialists in workplace physical and psychological illness and injury management and prevention.