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Welcome to The Podiatrist Toowoomba

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The Podiatrist, formerly known as Toowoomba Footcare Centre, has been operating in Toowoomba for more than 20 years. Demand for our services has steadily grown over this time and this has lead to two full-time clinics in Toowoomba and one in Warwick. In addition, our regular trips to the south and west of Toowoomba has seen us develop 13 sessional clinics including Dalby, Chinchilla, Oakey, Texas, Tara, Inglewood and Goondiwindi.

The unique demographic of Toowoomba has allowed us to work with children, seniors, farmers and athletes. We are continually researching the latest technology available to advise patients and tailor complete recovery plans. Our excellent results and professionalism have earnt our podiatrists outstanding reputations.

Whether you have foot, leg or knee pain, impaired mobility or are an athlete looking to optimize your performance, we have a service that can help. Our aim is to get you back to full mobility as quickly and easily as possible.

Our Services

Equipped to handle all your podiatric needs.

3D computer gait analysis
Orthema Cad/Cam orthotics
Footwear Advice
Biomechanical Examination
Exercise Prescription
Stretching Advice
General Foot Care
Exercise Prescription
General Foot Care
Running assessments: To help you run, faster longer and with less effort.
Solstar cycling orthotics
Cycling assessments


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